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WINEMAKING: The Sangiovese was harvested on a cool night with immediate delivery to the winery for the commencement of the winemaking process. The fruit was perfectly ripe for Rose, 11.8 Baume which provided enough raspberry flavour without any under ripe acidic flavours. Free run juice was used for the production of this wine, juice clarification was followed by fermentation in tank with exotic yeast selected to promote red berry fruit aromas. The wine post ferment was simply fined using vegan friendly products and clarified for bottling. This wine was made whilst maintaining The Natural Wine Co’s minimal intervention philosophy.


TASTING NOTES: I like rosé and I like this. It is light in colour, which makes it nice to look at, and not to mention that it's light on additives. The flavours offer some substance, its strawberry and cream, soft in the mouth and as close friend of ours described it, it’s just ‘like those lollies I used to have as a child!’ It sounds pretty good to me. Best consumed in moderation with good friends.

The Natural Wine Co Rosé 2021

  • "The rise of the organic, low intervention and “natural” wine segment is a testament to the increasing quality of the wines. No longer are we subjected to wines that smell like a packet of salt and vinegar chips or an old dish cloth. Made from 100 per cent sangiovese, its rose petal and spice aromas hide the surprisingly interesting and intense red berry driven flavours. Superb dry finish and very drinkable."


    "Medium to full hot-pink colour, fresh and bright. The bouquet is powerful, pungent, floral and rose-petally, with spicy fruit aromas and the palate is more subtle, but similarly intense and bright, fresh and appetisingly dry on the aftertaste. Very good style, quite more-isa." HUON HOOKE, The Real Review, Dec 2018


    "Light salmon pink in colour,lively aromas of strawberries & raspberries on the bouquet, zippy refreshing palate which finishes nice, dry & crisp. A GREAT SUMMER WINE"

    Wine Assist, Dan Traucki, Dec 2018


    "... Give it a good chill and it goes all right. 88 Points"

    The Wine Front, Gary Walsh, Nov 2018


    “Made from the Italian red variety sangiovese, as are so many modern Australian rosés, this is a perfect tipple for the veranda on a sunny summer afternoon. Or wash down some good pizza with this dry, refreshing pink wine.”

    OzBabyBoomers, John Rozentals


    "This one is made using Sangiovese fruit and I'm beginning to think the variety is perfectly suited to Rosé. And, when you say Sangiovese Rosé, it seems to roll off the tongue so effortlessly. Strawberries shine on the nose and it's a little bit floral too. Straight up, I'm going to say it's delicious to drink. Those strawberry characters present here too, blood orange/citrusy note plays a part and there's a brighter red fruit influence making it fresh and lively. There's the added touch of texture as it slips over the tongue and disappears from your mouth."

    Words from a Wineglass, Dec 2018

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