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Winegrower Jason O'Dea has released the second vintage of this low alcohol wine and...WOW it's even better than the first. 


✔ 8% Alcohol

✔ Preservative Free

✔ Certified Organic

✔ Vegan Suitable

✔ Lower Calories

✔Low Sugar

✔ Lightly Sparkling


This is a truly innovative wine at only 8% alcohol, and that's quite difficult to achieve without ending up with a sweeter wine. This one is not sweet, it's a very easy drinking sparkling wine, light and full of citrus, apple and melon flavours.


Moderation, better for you and the environment, is a lifestyle trend gathering pace, and this wonderful Sparkling will ensure no one is feeling guilty, whether (zoom) partying with friends or just relaxing by the pool...enjoy the refreshing cool bubbles.






The Natural Wine Co Lightly Sparkling White 2021

  • The ripening period for Chardonnay in the Cowra Region was optimal during the 2021 vintage. The distinct flavours from crunchy pear and white peach were evident in the vineyard. The fruit for this wine was harvested at 9.5 Baume to obtain refreshing zesty fruit characters, whilst still having a lower alcohol. Yeast was selected for its aroma production and ferment was held at a cool temperature for a period of three weeks. The final fermentation occurred in tank, and this gives the wine it’s lovely light spritz. 

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