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Lower-alcohol bubbles

PS NEWS, Christine Salins

The Natural Wine Co. 2021 Lightly Sparkling White, $20: This is the second vintage of this lightly spritzed Chardonnay and it’s a really pleasing, refreshing drop. It’s zesty and fruity with pear and stonefruit notes, but it’s not sweet. Rather, it has a nicely balanced acidity that makes it the perfect go-to wine when you want to celebrate while going easy on the alcohol.

The Natural Wine Co. 2021 Lightly Sparkling Rosé, $20: Also lightly spritzed, this gorgeous light pink Rosé is made from Sangiovese. It has enticing raspberry, apple and cherry notes, with a touch of lemon/lime. A great option for anyone seeking a lower alcohol Rosé without the sweetness you might expect.

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